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2018: Year in Review

Illustration: 2018: Year in Review

With 2019 just around the corner, we wanted to reflect on the past year. Our company’s mission is to help our customers deliver superior software through excellent products and phenomenal support, and we’re committed to continuously improving our products. Whether it’s through investigating and adopting new technologies early, making sure you can update your product as soon as possible when a major platform update comes out, or fixing an issue quickly, you can rely on us when it counts. In 2018, we took major steps forward in our effort to continually fulfill that mission.

Company Retreat in Greece

In 2018, our team grew, we released a new platform (Windows!), we landed three new components (Non-Destructive Image Documents, Redaction, and Comparison), and we worked hard to make PDF Viewer the best app for annotating PDF documents — which included introducing a paid add-on subscription with PDF Viewer Pro. Below we’ve included a by-the-numbers overview of some of our accomplishments.

Pull Requests Closed: 3464 Changelog Entries: 1968 Blog Posts: 145 SDK Releases: 88 Viewer Releases: 35

Touring the World

Google I/O, Mountain View, California WWDC, San Jose, California try! Swift, New York PDF Developer Days, Washington, D.C. PDF Developer Days, Berlin UIKonf, Berlin dotSwift, Paris

Exciting New Customers


Company Retreat in Vienna

The entire company meets twice a year to plan releases, discuss business, and also have fun. As a remote company, we can’t overstate how important this is. This year we had a blast in Vienna over the winter, while our summer retreat was in hot Greece, where we had an entire villa to ourselves!

Awesome New Features

First-Class Swift API for Objective-C Frameworks Image Documents — Annotate PNG and JPG Just like PDF Add PDF Support to Your Electron Apps Magic Ink Annotations Instant Layers — Multiple Users Annotate One Document AndroidX

try! Swift, New YorkPDF Developer Days, Washington, D.C.PDF Developer Days, BerlinUIKonf, BerlindotSwift, Paris

Inside PSPDFKit

Our must-read blog posts from the year are:

And yes, we even made a calculator in PDF!

2019 Awaits!

We want to thank our customers and partners — without whom none of this would’ve been possible — for choosing and trusting us to help them build excellent applications. It is so inspiring, year after year, to see the amazing products we are integrated in and to have the feeling of contributing to just a small part of those efforts. Thank you for giving us that opportunity and your trust.

2019 will bring at least one exciting new product, and we’re growing the team to keep up with all the work. We are already getting ready for iOS 13 and Android Q, and in addition to that, we will continue to invest in and be innovative with all our SDK products while working toward feature parity and even better performance.

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