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.NET for iOS & Android Add PDF Support to Your Cross-Platform .NET Mobile Apps

Leverage C#, F#, and VB.NET for high-performance iOS and Android development. Experience the best of native UIs and optimized performance.


Native Mobile Development

With .NET for iOS & Android, build native mobile apps for both platforms using C#, F#, VB.NET, and MAUI. Leverage extensive iOS and Android APIs for rich, high-performance user experiences. Optimize your app for native performance and the UI for iOS and Android platforms.

Maximizing iOS and Android APIs

Harness the full potential of iOS and Android APIs

Native Apps with .NET 7

Create native mobile apps using .NET 7 with C#, F#, VB.NET, and MAUI support

Optimizing for Native Performance

Optimize your app for native performance and UX

.NET for iOS & Android vs. MAUI

Choosing the Best Solution

Whether you prefer native mobile development with .NET for mobile or a unified approach with MAUI, we have the tools to empower you.

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