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Intelligent Document Processing Deliver Faster Document Processing

Integrate an AI-based document processing SDK into your application to automatically identify, extract, and process data in unstructured documents.


Automate Document Processing with AI

Faster Time to Market

Start analyzing and extracting document data immediately — no templates, supervision, or prior knowledge required.

Automate Business Workflows

Automate repetitive tasks by extracting and pushing data from invoices, loan applications, pay slips, and legal contracts into downstream applications.

Accurately Extract Data

Leverage AI, document layout analysis, and NLP technologies to accurately extract key values, text, tables, and form fields from documents.

Secure and Flexible Deployment

Keep full control over your data by integrating an SDK into your private cloud or on-premises application — no need to use third-party APIs or send data across geographical boundaries.


Accelerate Document Processing from Weeks to Days


Unlock and transform unstructured data from 100+ document types with an OCR engine powered by heuristics, mathematics, and AI.

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Document Recognition

Easily identify and classify large groups of documents by setting customizable rules. Start with a template, create a rule, and automatically identify matching documents.

Key-Value Pairs

Automatically identify and extract key values without manual supervision or templates. Pinpoint specific data like credit cards, addresses, and emails from unstructured documents.

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Reliably process poor-quality documents with automatic image correction and preprocessing capabilities: auto deskew, invert, noise removal, and more.

Data Extraction

Transform unstructured documents into structured data using document layout analysis and NLP technologies. Extract text, key values, tables, and form data from unstructured documents.


Easily move data into downstream applications — automatically redact sensitive information like credit card numbers, or move it into backend systems for faster invoice processing.

Use cases

Boost Employee Productivity with Less Manual Processing

Finance and Banking

Financial documents often include semi-structured or unstructured data that’s difficult to parse. KYC forms, tax filings, W-2s, paystubs, financial statements, and loan applications can be text heavy, with varying layouts and complex tables. With AI and NLP techniques, you can accelerate document processing by identifying and extracting key values like bank names, IBAN numbers, addresses, filing statuses, loan amounts, and statement dates.


Law firms are often tasked with reviewing thousands of documents during due diligence or civil litigation. Documents can range from loans and securities, to corporate governance and employment contracts. Up to 90 percent of these documents can be unstructured, requiring time-consuming manual reviews. With intelligent document processing, simplify document review by identifying, extracting, and summarizing important information.

Accounts Payable

Invoices are often submitted in a variety of formats, including PDFs, emails, scans, and images. Processing these invoices can be time-consuming and involve manually extracting invoice amounts, tax information, and company contact details. With intelligent document processing, streamline processing of all file types by automatically identifying, extracting, and pushing key values directly into backend systems.

Compliance Automation

Staying CCPA-, GDPR-, or HIPPA-compliant takes constant attention and time. A simple request to delete a user profile or remove a customer account can result in the manual review of hundreds of documents. With AI-powered OCR and key-value pair extraction, you can automate your compliance process, saving hundreds of hours. Quickly identify and extract key values like names, emails, addresses, and phone numbers. Add in features like smart redaction to instantly remove personal information for hundreds of documents.

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