JavaScript PDF Library

PSPDFKit for Web is a JavaScript library for viewing, annotating, and editing PDFs directly in the browser. It offers developers a way to quickly add PDF functionality to any web application.

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PSPDFKit SDKs are deployed in some of the world’s most popular applications, such as those made by PlanGrid, Disney, DocuSign, Dropbox, IBM, and Lufthansa.

Key Capabilities

  • Customizable — Robust API for configuring behavior & appearance

  • Client side — Workload is offloaded to client (no server needed)

  • High fidelity — Accurate & reliable PDFium-based rendering engine

  • Prebuilt features — Annotate, edit, sign, form fill, redact, and more

  • Browser support — Works on all modern browsers and devices

Framework Support

PSPDFKit for Web is compatible with all JavaScript frameworks, including React, Angular, Vue, Svelte, Electron, Ruby on Rails, TypeScript, and others. It just needs a DOM container to append the viewer, which is possible with any framework.

File Type Support

  • PDF


Microsoft Office file types are also supported when using the optional PSPDFKit Server (compare deployment options).

Browser Support

Essential Guides

Get Started
How to quickly integrate a PDF viewing, annotating, and editing app

PDF Viewer
How to configure the document viewer

Open a Document
How to open a PDF from a blob, ArrayBuffer, remote URL, and more

Save a Document
How to save a PDF to local storage, remote server, and more

User Interface
How to customize icons, buttons, toolbars, the look and feel, and more

How to import, export, create, edit, sync, flatten, and more

How to fill form fields, extract data, submit, save, create, edit, and more

Instant Synchronization
How to sync annotations across multiple users, devices, or sessions

How to add electronic and digital signatures to PDF documents

How to merge or split documents, manipulate pages, and more

PDF Generation
How to create thumbnails, generate PDFs from a template, and more

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