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Document Engine Server-Side Document Processing

Integrate server-side document processing, streaming, and management into your client-side web, mobile, and hybrid applications, or alternatively, opt for a 100 percent headless operation.

How It Works

A Self-Hosted Document Engine

Designed to simplify the integration of powerful document processing and management and backend-powered document rendering. We provide a recommended setup example for clients to implement in their infrastructure.


Integrates seamlessly with your existing backend systems, or as a backend for one of our SDKs.

Robust Scalability

Enhance SDKs with client-side viewing and backend-powered rendering and processing. Efficiently manage large document batches.

Real-Time Collaboration

Include optional tools for real-time document collaboration, annotations, form filling, and signing.

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Operation Modes

Adaptable for Various Use Cases

Pair Document Engine with PSPDFKit’s client-side SDKs, or use it as a headless document processor for entirely backend operations.

Documentation Learn how to get Document Engine up and running.
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Enhancing Frontend Apps with Server-Side Processing

Integrate Document Engine with PSPDFKit SDKs across various platforms. Enhance UI-driven applications with server-side processing for optimized performance and advanced features in document collaboration, processing, conversion, and more.

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Administration Options

Self-Hosted, Managed, and API


Ideal for organizations with in-house DevOps, who are seeking full control over their infrastructure to meet compliance requirements.

Managed (PSPDFKit)

Tailored for organizations seeking a single-vendor solution, PSPDFKit relieves you of the burden of managing technical setup details. We handle deployment, infrastructure setup for your Document Engine instance, and associated costs, streamlining your experience with consolidated billing.

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Document Web Services API

Ideal for software builders looking for a quick start in headless document processing without operational overhead.

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Pick Your Perfect Match

PSPDFKit is made to grow with your app. You can start small and add more products only when needed.

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