PDF SDK for Pharma Digitize Your Application-Building Processes

Automate the assembly of patient records, surveys, R&D data, and claim-related documents into a single resource. Speed up review by enabling users to view, edit, mark up, and collaborate on documents in real time.

Key Benefits

Faster End-to-End Clinical Trial Processes

Add New Features Faster

Accelerate product innovation by integrating prebuilt features into your life sciences app or workflow. Let CRAs securely view, edit, comment, and verify source documentation in a browser or a native app — no servers or plugins required.

Deliver Real-Time Visibility

Enable real-time collaboration on clinical documentation between sponsors, CROs, and sites. Allow multiple authors to annotate the same document and reply to comment threads directly in the browser.

Streamline Document Assembly

Quickly assemble your eCTD for submittal by giving users the ability to modify pages and split and merge documents. Create a table of contents with bookmarks, or add hyperlink annotations to jump to a location in a document. 

Customize Every Detail

Personalize every detail of your document processing workflows. Build a completely custom workflow, or drop in prebuilt solutions and customize to match your branding.


Empower Life Sciences Organizations

Collaborate on PDF, Image, and Office Files

Open, view, and collaborate on PDF documents in your browser or mobile app. Programmatically convert MS Office and image files to PDF to collaborate on additional file formats.

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25+ Annotation Tools

Quickly integrate out-of-the-box annotation tools into your application. Let users freehand draw, highlight text, add shapes and stamps, place sticky notes, measure distance between two points, and more.

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Real-Time Syncing

Have multiple users work simultaneously on a document and instantly sync changes across all web, mobile, and desktop devices. Highlight text, draw shapes, upload an image, or add a comment and automatically sync to all users.

Offline Collaboration

Give users the ability to work from remote locations or in areas without a stable internet connection. Automatically synchronize changes once an internet connection is established.

Quickly Reorganize Documents

Reorganize documents on the fly with an intuitive document editing UI for your application. Let users upload and merge multiple files, add or delete individual pages, and reorganize documents with a simple drag-and-drop UI.

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Build Automated Editing Workflows

Create workflows that programmatically edit thousands of documents server-side. Assemble reports, manuals, and portfolios from various sources. Add a watermark to each page, compress file size, and archive as PDF/A.

Create, Edit, and Fill PDF Forms

Build a form from scratch with text fields, radio buttons, checkboxes, and signature fields. Edit form questions, add new explanations, and customize individual form fields. Capture data to your server, or permanently flatten into the PDF itself.

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Redact Sensitive Information

Enable users to search and permanently remove names, emails, and other sensitive information using client-side redaction. Build smart redaction workflows that leverage AI and document understanding to automatically recognize and redact key values.

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Support requests are handled directly by the developers who built the product. Whether you need help getting started or want to understand how to best integrate new SDK features into your app, our team is ready to help you find the best solution.


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