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XtractFlow Document Processing Meets Generative AI

Attain human-level precision in data classification and extraction from various texts and image documents without set rules or coding. Generative AI fused with PSPDFKit's machine vision technology ensures unmatched accuracy and flexibility in workflows.

Overcoming Challenges

Tackle Today's IDP Hurdles with XtractFlow

Versatile Document Handling

Effortlessly manage various document types, such as PDFs, scanned images, HR files, and client contracts. XtractFlow reduces complexity for developers, making it simpler to integrate AI-driven solutions for diverse document sources.

Unified Data Access

Navigate through dispersed data without the constraints of traditional document storage methods. XtractFlow enables access to data from unstructured sources, moving beyond the limitations of standard tools that are restricted to specific document types and formats.

Autonomous Data Processing

Move beyond the traditional need for manual data annotation to ensure accuracy. XtractFlow advances your capabilities with an autonomous approach, eliminating dependence on supervised classifiers, and maintaining adherence to dynamic data retention policies.


Empower Your Workflows with XtractFlow's Advanced Features

AI-Powered Data Extraction

Harness the power of natural language instructions. With XtractFlow, forget about exhaustive coding and rigid rules. Our generative AI seamlessly understands and extracts the necessary data.

Intelligent Document Classification

Easily manage document classification in high-volume workflows. Our flexible solution provides both SDK and API integration options, which are tailored to meet your unique needs and specific projects.

Uncompromising Data Security

Prioritizing your data's safety, XtractFlow adopts strict non-storage policies and aligns with global data retention standards, ensuring integrity and security at every step.

Format Diversity

Our generative AI efficiently extracts data from diverse formats — be it PDF, JPEG, Office files, or CAD files — regardless of document complexity.


Adaptable and Precise Integration


Use XtractFlow as a REST microservice, or integrate it within your desktop or server applications for flexibility.


With a foundation in PSPDFKit’s key-value pair (KVP) extraction and generative AI, XtractFlow is adaptable across various document types and industries.

Template Precision

XtractFlow combines customizable templates and strategic hinting at document and field levels, enabling precise and efficient classification and data extraction for diverse workflow demands.

Knowledge Base


Explore our comprehensive documentation and guides.


Join webinar sessions with our developer teams.


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Use Cases

Revolutionizing Industry Workflows with AI-Driven Document Management

AI-Enhanced Document Management Systems

Boost your document management system with automated classification, data extraction, and indexing — in turn streamlining efficiency, increasing accuracy, cutting costs, and improving searchability, all with scalable AI capabilities that evolve over time.

Automated Workflow Efficiency

From mortgage processing and patient intakes, to contract analysis and billing, automated document handling transforms essential industry workflows. This streamlined approach enhances search capabilities, reinforces security and privacy protocols, and drives efficiency, proving particularly advantageous for handling large volumes of data.

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