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Salesforce PDF SDK Powerful Document Processing in Salesforce

Empower users to view, edit, annotate, fill forms, and sign PDF documents natively in Salesforce Lightning — no server-side processing or third-party software required.

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A Fully Integrated PDF Toolkit Inside Salesforce Lightning


Rapidly Develop Custom PDF Processing Tools in Salesforce

Increase User Collaboration

Deliver robust document collaboration tools directly in Salesforce. Let users highlight important text, circle areas for review, add comments, and much more.

Customize Every Detail

Amplify user experience by delivering a beautiful UI that lets you hide or add buttons, change the theme to match your look and feel, trigger workflows, programmatically add eSignatures, and much more.

Protect Sensitive Information

Keep sensitive information and documents in Salesforce with browser-based PDF editing. Update quotes, replace dates in contracts, and change invoice numbers before saving them back to your Salesforce record.

Boost Productivity

Save time by opening documents in Salesforce and not external applications. Add, rotate, or delete document pages; fill out forms; edit text; and add signatures in your native Salesforce Lightning application.


Build a Modern Document Experience in Your Application


Innovate Beyond Paper with Our Easy-to-Integrate PDF SDK

Game Changer UI/UX

We believe in continuous improvement, and we care about quality. That’s why we’re always making sure our UI provides the best user experience. The result is a friendly and intuitive UI that’s not only ready to use out of the box, but also provides the flexibility needed to customize it to match your requirements, so you can make user experience your differentiator.

Transparent Security

We’re committed to delivering the most secure and compliant SDK on the market. Our PDF renderer is built off a proprietary fork from the same renderer used in the world’s most secure browser, Chrome, which is routinely monitored by the team at Google for security vulnerabilities. Our team also continually monitors and patches threats so your application and users stay secure.

Fanatical Focus on Developers

We’re an engineering-first company focused primarily on developer experience. We know our success lies in helping developers get up and running quickly and easily in their preferred language. That’s why we focus on designing intuitive APIs, writing easy-to-understand guides, and providing hundreds of code samples to jumpstart development and make your job easier.

Responsive Support

We’re here to help you find a solution so you can focus on building phenomenal experiences. If you hit a snag — whether you have questions getting started, or you want to know how to best integrate new features into your app — get fast and relevant answers from the engineers who built the product.

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16 Frameworks supported

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