Add Real-Time Collaboration and Communication

Cooperative Review

Enable lawyers and clients to review and refine the same document in real time and easily preserve the editing trail.

Fluid PDF Reader

Easily share large manuscripts, publications, law review articles, and other legal documents with clients and colleagues.

Detailed Version Control

Conveniently create, access, and track multiple versions of contracts, trial exhibits, and legal briefs.


Enable Your App to Handle It All

Powerful Search

Quickly find relevant content in a document with Indexed Search.

Detailed Overview

Get a detailed overview of documents from the sidebar.

Secure Signatures

Certify and validate documents with Digital Signatures.

Encrypted Documents

Easily work with encrypted PDF documents.


Secure and Permanent Redaction

Accurately mark up and permanently remove personally identifiable information (PII) in large-volume documents with our Redaction component.



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