A shield with a checkmark on it, and with dots around it, demonstrating PSPDFKit’s security

Security at PSPDFKit

Protect your users and reduce risk with a highly secure SDK that’s trusted by enterprises, government agencies, and startups.

The PSPDFKit Approach to Security

Start with a Secure PDF Engine

Backed by a Strong Security Culture

Verified by Independent Third Parties

“Because PDFium has large stakeholders such as Chromium, downstream users benefit from the significant effort Chromium makes in securing PDFium.”

Jonathan Metzman

Software engineer on the Google Open Source Security Team

Backed by a Strong Security Culture

Far from being an afterthought or the focus of occasional initiatives, security is tightly integrated into the way we work.

Employee Background Checks

PSPDFKit performs comprehensive and global background checks on all employees before they join our team.

Security Training for All Employees

All staff undergo security training as part of their onboarding process, in addition to ongoing training and assessments.

A Dedicated Security Officer

PSPDFKit has a dedicated Information Security Officer to oversee all security and compliance initiatives.

Secure Software Development Lifecycle

PSPDFKit created its own SSDLC to help developers design and develop more secure capabilities for our SDK.

“We’re moving toward an increasingly digital world, and our most sensitive documents are progressively being stored and processed through complex electronic systems, so security is more important than ever.”

Serana Warren

PSPDFKit Information Security Officer

Verified by Independent
Third Parties

Our startup, government, and enterprise customers expect independent verification of our security and privacy controls.

Penetration Testing

To confirm PSPDFKit products meet the security needs of its customers, PSPDFKit partners with Prescient Security for penetration testing.

Operational Security Certification

PSPDFKit completed the AICPA Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type 2 audit.

When It Comes to Enterprise-Grade Security and Reliability, PSPDFKit Is #1

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