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.NET PDF SDK A Reliable PDF Processing Library for .NET

A powerful solution for OCR, data extraction, batch processing, and editing PDF documents.


OCR, Recognize, and Classify Documents with Advanced Machine Vision

Use cutting edge zonal, full-page, and template-based OCR technology to accurately recognize text and patterns and generate searchable PDF/A files.

Automated document recognition, classification, and post-processing.

High-speed multi-threading to automate workflows at scale.

Decode barcodes, optical marks (OMR), and MICR and MRZ data.

Data Extraction

Extract Key-Value Pairs with an Easy-to-Use API

Apply heuristics, mathematics, and machine learning capabilities to automatically and accurately extract key-value pairs, tables, and structured data from documents.

Get structured data from unstructured documents.

Automate data entry into your database.

Deploy on-premises or in your private cloud.

Table Extraction

Turn Complex Tables Into Rich Structured Data

Transform all the tables inside your documents and scanned images into structured data or editable Excel (XLSX) files.

Convert to Excel (XLSX) or a structured format.

Detect bordered, semi-bordered, and borderless tables.

Works offline without internet access or third-party services.

Image Processing

Edit, Print, and Preprocess Raster and Vector Images

Improve OCR, OMR, and barcode detection by enhancing character and symbol recognition. Use 500+ powerful low-level functions to clean up, manipulate, and edit more than 100 document and image formats.

Load, view, print, and edit 100+ document and image formats.

Clean up, resize, rotate, and crop images.

Use 500+ advanced image processing functions for color and bitonal images.

PDF Generation

Create PDF Documents from Templates

A lightning-fast PDF generation engine that can merge data with templates, fill PDF forms, assemble documents, and convert to PDF from 100+ file formats.

HTML-to-PDF generation enables low-code workflows through modern HTML and CSS.

Low-level APIs to generate PDFs from scratch or by assembling documents.

Use Word templates to automate a PDF generation pipeline.

PDF Conversion

Convert Any Content to PDF

Get high-fidelity conversion of Office files, raster and vector images, email, HTML content, and many other formats to PDF.

Convert MS Office files to PDF without third-party dependencies or MS Office licenses.

Convert images to PDFs or PDFs to images.

Convert HTML content and many other formats to PDF.


Read, Scan, and Generate Barcodes

Automate barcode recognition and decoding, or dynamically generate barcodes in vector or raster format for insertion into image or PDF files.

1D (linear) barcodes.

2D barcodes (QR, Micro QR, Data Matrix, PDF417, Aztec Code, MaxiCode).

Scan, read, and write barcodes.


Reduce the File Size of Any Kind of Document

PSPDFKit's innovative mixed raster content (MRC) compression engine produces high-fidelity files at dramatically reduced file sizes.

Handle any kind of document, including forms, photos, and artistic vectors.

Automatically calibrate compression options based on intelligent document analysis.

High-fidelity output with no perceptible data removal.


ISO-Compliant PDF/A Creation and Validation

Archive 100+ file types into PDF/A as part of an automated workflow or in high-volume batches.

Support for all conformance levels of PDF/A-1, PDF/A-2, PDF/A-3, and PDF/A-4.

ISO-compliant and veraPDF-valid.

Fully searchable and optimized.

TWAIN and WIA Scanning

Enterprise-Grade Universal Scanning SDK

Capture images from all types of scanner devices and digital cameras with PSPDFKit's TWAIN and WIA toolkit.

TWAIN protocol support to communicate with your scanner.

Scan physical documents with WIA interface support.

High- and low-level APIs to customize any acquisition process.


Built for Easy Integration


Using PSPDFKit GdPicture.NET Library

PSPDFKit can be integrated with just a few lines of code, and it comes with a rich API, which allows for complete customization.

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Use Case Comparison

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PSPDFKit Processor, Libraries for Java and .NET, and Server were created with different use cases in mind. Check out the short comparison below to see which one is for you.

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