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Leveling Up My Manager Skills

An overview of my journey to becoming a better manager.

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PSPDFKit Appoints Serana Warren as Information Security Officer

PSPDFKit announced the addition of Serana Warren to its team as Information Security Officer.

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Fact vs. Fiction: Why PDFium is a Trusted Platform for PDF Rendering

PDFium and open source security — PSPDFKit CEO Jonathan Rhyne parses fact from fiction.

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PSPDFKit Announces Record Results and Accelerating Growth in Q2 2022

PSPDFKit, the leading document processing and manipulation foundation for tomorrow's developers, today reported record bookings for Q2 2022.

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PSPDFKit Announces Completion of SOC 2 Type 1 Examination

Rigorous security audit validates PSPDFKit as a trusted document technology platform.

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PSPDFKit Extends Document Technology Platform with Strategic Acquisitions of ORPALIS and Aquaforest

PSPDFKit acquires leading document imaging providers ORPALIS and Aquaforest

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Productivity Tips When Switching from a PC to a Mac

Improving productivity when switching from a PC to a Mac.

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PSPDFKit Announces Record First Quarter 2022 Results

Bookings for Q1 up 75% year-over-year

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PSPDFKit Names Chris Wilson as Chief Revenue Officer

PSPDFKit announced the addition of Chris Wilson to its executive team as Chief Revenue Officer.

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PSPDFKit Appoints Chris Rosbrook as Chief Financial Officer

PSPDFKit announced the addition of Chris Rosbrook to its executive team as Chief Financial Officer.

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PSPDFKit Acquires Leading Document Software Provider Muhimbi

PSPDFKit Acquires Leading Document Software Provider Muhimbi.

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2021: Year in Review

2021 was a year of success and change. 2022 promises to be a year of growth and opportunity.

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PSPDFKit Announces €100 Million Strategic Investment From Insight Partners to Fuel Growth

PSPDFKit, the leading document processing and manipulation platform for developers and enterprise businesses, today announced its first strategic growth investment led by Insight Partners, a New York-based global venture capital and private equity firm focused on growth-stage software and technology companies.

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The Case for Ad Hoc Engineer 1:1s with Newcomers

Or, the unspoken challenges of onboarding engineers in 2020 and beyond.

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While We Work: How We Stay Productive

Some people at PSPDFKit share their tips for being productive.

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How We Forge Togetherness

As a remote-first company, we fully understand that to work well together, we have to create connections and understand each other.

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2020: Year in Review

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone. Let’s take a look back at what happened over the past year.

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Where We Work

A blog post showing a glimpse of where our people work.

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Our Journey toward Using More Inclusive Language at PSPDFKit

A blog post about why and how we are trying to use more inclusive language.

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Sponsoring CocoaPods

PSPDFKit is sponsoring the costs of hosting the CocoaPods CND.

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Useful Mac Apps for Remote Workers

Reduce the friction of working remotely!

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Communication Is Key in a Remote World

Working remotely does not mean working in isolation! Maintaining effective communication means increased productivity and happier teammates.

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9 Tips to Help You Work Effectively from Home

This article describes some strategies first-time remote workers should follow to get the most out of working from home. This is part two of four of our remote work series.

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Remote Work: How to Overcome Common Struggles of Working from Home

This article describes some struggles first-time remote workers may face and provides some strategies to help overcome them. This is part one of four of our remote work series.

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Becoming a Better Engineer by Doing Support

How being on support duty helps me improve as an engineer, and why I think everyone should try it.

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2019: Year in Review

With 2020 just around the corner, we wanted to reflect on the past year.

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From Zero to Hero: How I Got a Full-Time Job in Tech

A political scientist turned web engineer describes her journey of transformation. She also reveals a few aspects that can make or break an internship in tech (and in general).

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How We Work at PSPDFKit

A post about how we work at PSPDFKit.

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Contributing to Google's PDFium

A little inside look at which PDF engine we use and why.

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Remote Work: What I've Learned from a Decade as a Remote Software Engineer

Sharing a few tips and things I've learned from my 10 years working as a remote software engineer.

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How PSPDFKit Succeeds at Being a Remote Company

How a culture of trust, flexibility, discipline, and camaraderie helps us succeed.

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My First PSPDFKit Retreat

A freelancer is invited to her first PSPDFKit retreat. In this blog post, she shares her experience.

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Eight Hours: Sleep

Can't concentrate during the day? Sleep may be the key to ensuring you do.

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Eight Hours: Recreation

Focus on making the most of life outside your work in an effort to improve your working life.

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Eight Hours: Work

Do we spend our working hours efficiently, or can we optimize the way we work?

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A Modern Approach to Work: Pursuing Mindfulness, Purpose, and Efficiency

Your work life extends beyond the eight hours a day you spend working. This series explores the division of time over 24 hours and how the way we spend that time can affect our workday and vice versa.

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2018: Year in Review

With 2019 just around the corner, we wanted to reflect on the past year.

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How We Onboard New Engineers

Learn about how we take new engineer hires and guide them toward being fully productive members of our team.

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Music for Concentration

We cover how music can help you get in that all-important and elusive state of flow.

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Effective Remote Communication

Communication is hard — especially for remote companies. Here's how we organize communication at PSPDFKit.

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Swift by Sundell Podcast with Peter Steinberger

On July 19, our CEO, Peter Steinberger, was interviewed by John Sundell on his Swift by Sundell podcast.

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How to Use Slack and Not Go Bananas

Slack is both amazing and awful. At a time when many companies quit Slack, we refined our processes to make it work well for us.

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4 Steps to a Successful Company Retreat

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Women in Software Development? YES PLEASE!

We celebrate International Women's Day at PSPDFKit!

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Useful Tools to Share & Organize Work Between Developers and Designers

The software and services PSPDFKit uses for design work

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What Cultural Diversity Means to Us

Our execution of cultural diversity

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Making the Most of Remote Work

At PSPDFKit, we strive to hire the best people for the job, regardless of where they are in the world. Here, I want to share how I’ve been making the most of remote work.

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2016 In Review

2016 has been our most successful, exciting and overall transforming year so far since the inception of PSPDFKit as a company.

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Hiring a distributed team

Who you hire can have a dramatic effect on your team’s culture, company’s productivity and, overall, is the most influential factor in determining the success or failure of a company. Over the past six years at PSPDFKit, we’ve slowly learned what’s important, what works, and what doesn’t work, at least for us.

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The Importance of Retreats for a Remote Company