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2022–2023 PSPDFKit Product Updates

Illustration: 2022–2023 PSPDFKit Product Updates

As we look back on the past 12 months, PSPDFKit has been hard at work crafting new tools and functionalities that will greatly enhance your users’ document-handling capabilities. We’ve listened to your needs, and we’re excited to share some of the key functionalities added to our product line in 2022–2023. From Office files integration to AI-powered document and image processing, these new additions will further elevate your document workflows, irrespective of your industry or scale. Let’s dive in!

JavaScript Office Viewer and Converter

PSPDFKit for Web introduces Office-to-PDF viewing and conversion for your web applications. Now you can programmatically open Office documents and convert them to PDF using JavaScript without any third-party integrations or licenses. Our technology is built in-house and is fully supported and maintained by PSPDFKit while still being self-hosted by our customers.

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Supported Formats

  • Microsoft Word: DOCX, DOC, DOTX, DOCM

  • Microsoft Excel: XLSX, XLS, XLSM

  • Microsoft PowerPoint: PPTX, PPT, PPTM


  • Access Full PDF SDK Functionality for Office Files
    Converting to PDF format enables a rich array of additional document capabilities.

  • Eliminate Third-Party Dependencies
    With our in-house solution, there’s no need to depend on external tools, resulting in direct, efficient support.

  • Secure Client-Side Conversion
    Reduce infrastructure costs by offloading rendering, processing, and conversion from your servers to the user’s device.

PDF Content Editing for Web and Mobile

Give users the freedom to edit original PDF text directly in your web or mobile app with a built-in content editing UI. Simply select text to edit, delete, and resize it, or change fonts and colors.

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  • Edit PDFs Like Word Docs
    Work with PDFs as you would Word documents. Add, replace, and delete inline text while preserving the original formatting.

  • Save Time
    Let your users modify text in PDFs within your app — no third-party tools needed to edit text.

  • Simplify Document Workflows
    Make quick text edits in your document workflows — skip regenerating PDFs from scratch.

Powerful New .NET SDK

With our recent acquisition of ORPALIS, we’re excited to announce the integration of GdPicture.NET, a powerful suite of more than 3,000 advanced document processing capabilities for .NET applications.

Image Processing Capabilities AI-Powered Automation
OCR and Image Processing — Optimize image quality for better analysis outcomes with OCR, barcode reading, and more. Intelligent Document Processing — Automatically identify, extract, and process data in unstructured documents.
TWAIN and WIA Scanning — Scan, edit, and save image-based documents seamlessly. Table Extraction — Automatically extract tables by converting their contents to structured data, such as Excel files. Launch web demo →
Advanced Conversion — Convert more than 100 file formats to PDF with advanced features such as compression and optimization. Key-Value Pair Extraction — Easily extract structured data from your PDF or image files inside your application. Launch web demo →
PDF Hyper-Compression — Use mixed raster compression (MRC) to dramatically reduce file size while preserving quality. Smart Redaction — Automatically recognize and remove sensitive and personal information from unstructured documents. Launch web demo →

Wrapping Up

We’re thrilled to bring these advanced tools and functionalities to our customers. PSPDFKit is dedicated to offering you the best document processing experience and streamlining your workflows. The future of document handling is here, and we’re excited to take you on this journey.

Stay tuned for more updates and releases as we continue to push the boundaries of document processing technology. As always, we’re here to help you navigate these new tools and functionalities, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Let’s redefine document workflows together with PSPDFKit!

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