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New Generative AI-Enabled Integrated Document Workflow Capabilities by PSPDFKit

Illustration: New Generative AI-Enabled Integrated Document Workflow Capabilities by PSPDFKit

DENVER, April 11, 2024PSPDFKit, the leading document workflow lifecycle platform, announced a new suite of integrated document capabilities for its recently acquired low-code process automation platform, Integrify. This week, at the sixth annual Integrify User Conference in Colorado, customers experienced how they’ll be able to leverage several PSPDFKit document solutions to view, manipulate, search, annotate, and use generative AI to extract text natively from within the Integrify platform.

This integration of Integrify and PSPDFKit accelerates the company’s strategic vision for a low-code document lifecycle platform, setting a new industry standard in high-volume document processing, document AI, and business process automation.

Capabilities of the integrated solution announced this week include:

  • Document Viewing, Editing, and Manipulation — New functionality enables users to easily view, edit, redact, merge, split, and annotate document and image attachments directly within the Integrify workflow platform.

  • Advanced PDF Template Creation — New functionality provides greater speed, flexibility, and control by enabling the use of Integrify workflow data and Microsoft Office to quickly create and format templates. These templates can also be easily exported and shared as PDF files.

  • Intelligent Data Capture — New foundational AI-driven functionality enables users to replace manual data extraction with our powerful optical character recognition (OCR) processor to accelerate digitization efforts.

“We’re thrilled to enable out-of-the-box, entirely new use cases and solutions to our Integrify users that will radically transform the current scope of their automated workflows,” said Jonathan Rhyne, co-founder and CEO of PSPDFKit. “Integrify has established a fanatically loyal customer base that loves the platform by continually improving operational efficiencies with paperless time-saving automated processes. We’re now expanding what’s possible for these users by unlocking even more functionality and control over the documents that are an essential part of their workflows.”

With this enhanced document AI functionality and performant high-volume document processing, PSPDFKit is accelerating the rate of evolution of document workflow solutions that operate in SaaS, cloud, and on-premises environments.

Upcoming Informational Webinar and Demo

PSPDFKit will deliver a live demonstration of the Integrify enhancements on 9 May 2024 at 11:00 ET/17:00 CET. The webinar and demo will outline the new suite of integrated document workflow capabilities, discuss real-world use cases, and include a Q&A session with our Product team. Please secure your seat by registering here.

For price and availability, please contact our Sales team.

About Integrify, a PSPDFKit Company

Integrify, a PSPDFKit company, is a low-code, cloud-based workflow automation platform that enables organizations to automate processes, design dynamic forms, and create self-service portals. Integrify enables businesses to unite people, processes, and technology on a centralized, cloud-based platform. Founded in 2001, Integrify aims to help organizations easily develop automated workflows using an intuitive, scalable, automated platform. Integrify provides customization and integration flexibility, allowing organizations across all industries to improve service, efficiency, and compliance.

About PSPDFKit

PSPDFKit is helping the world innovate beyond paper with its developer tools, API services, and low-code solutions covering the entire document workflow lifecycle, including creation, manipulation, real-time collaboration, signing, and markup. The company’s products cover all major platforms and support a wide range of programming languages and can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud with ease and at any scale. PSPDFKit has earned its developer-first reputation by pioneering products that are easily integrated; completely customizable to fit any deployment and workflow; and trusted by upstarts, SMBs, and some of the largest multinational organizations.

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