Picture of document with grid background overlaid by toolbar UI, image annotation, and electronic signature.

visionOS PDF SDK Unfold Documents in 3D Space in Your visionOS App

Step into the future with PSPDFKit's all-new PDF Viewer, designed specifically for Apple Vision Pro, where the digital world seamlessly converges with your physical environment.


PDF Viewing and Management, Refined for visionOS

Reader View

Experience outstanding rendering performance within a sleek, fully customizable UI, all set in a dynamic 3D environment designed to keep you focused on your work.

Instant Collaboration and Commenting

Engage in real-time discussions with comment threads and collaborative edits of PDF documents.

Ornament Toolbar

Grouped tools tailored for Vision Pro's interaction paradigms allow easy selection and application of the tools you need.

Highlighting and Text Annotations

Elevate your note-taking to a new dimension with highlighting of text and adding custom text annotations.

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