Trusted by industry-leading educational platforms. Enhance your application with user-friendly document management, document displaying and editing, and so much more. Whether teaching a class, collaborating on a team project, administering exams, or providing real-time feedback to students, PSPDFKit moves your app to the head of the class.

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Comprehensive Document Control

Manage, display, and share PDFs with an intuitive and student-friendly user interface, all while maintaining full control over user permissions and content protection.

Classroom-Focused Document Interaction

Enable users to easily highlight, draw, and take notes. Create a true chalkboard experience in your online classroom with user-specific controls for who can view and who can edit.

Real-Time Collaboration and Communication

Enhance learning experiences with synchronized document markup — replicating teacher-student interactions just like in the physical classroom. Gain endless possibilities for teamwork, group presentations, and document feedback and discussions.

Improve workflow efficiencies with:

In-Class Discussions

Have targeted conversations within a document in real time among students and teachers.


Mark up assignments, workbooks, and other PDF materials with a full annotation toolset.

Effective Learning

Provide a better learning experience by dynamically revealing and hiding answers.

Customized Project Workflows

Create a unique classroom experience with our fully customizable UI. Build a more effective learning toolset with reusable comments, stamps, and image annotations.

Outstanding Support

Support requests are handled directly by the engineers who built the product. Whether you have questions about getting started or want to know how to best integrate new SDK features into your app, we’re here to help you find a solution.

PSPDFKit Components

Build a Powerful Solution with Our Components

Get started with the components below to enable your users to do more with PDFs.

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Provide your users with the ability to engage with content through the use of notes or text annotations.

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Programmatically create worksheets and exams or upload your own quiz with form fields to distribute to students.

Indexed Search icon

Full-Text Search

Provide comprehensive search for content and annotations across the entire library and return highlighted results.

Document Editor icon

Document Editor

Add new pages to PDF learning materials for extra note-taking space, or split and merge documents as needed.

Instant Comments icon

Instant Comments

Make static resources come alive by enabling learners and instructors to engage in real-time threaded discussions.

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Convert scanned documents into interactive PDFs so learners can search, highlight, and underline all visible text.