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PSPDFKit 13.4 for iOS Introduces Revamped API Documentation and Improves Multiple Annotation Selection

Stefan Kieleithner

We’re thrilled to announce the release of PSPDFKit 13.4 for iOS. With this update, we’ve made our API documentation much nicer, improved our annotation selection experience, and added support for linking to specific regions of pages.

Revamped API Documentation

Alongside this release, we’re introducing a revamped API reference by switching to using Apple’s DocC tool to generate our documentation. We’re impressed by the clarity of DocC-generated pages, and we like the consistency in appearance with Apple’s documentation. This change makes it easier to browse our API, offering an intuitive and interactive way to explore and understand PSPDFKit’s various capabilities. Just like before, our APIs are available in both Swift and Objective-C, but now, with DocC’s language switcher, it‘s easier to view APIs in the language you’re using.

With the new documentation, you can easily navigate through our APIs, access fast and powerful search just by pressing the slash key, and read detailed documentation about all the entry points PSPDFKit exposes. The addition of DocC further enhances the developer experience, providing a powerful tool for understanding and utilizing PSPDFKit’s extensive feature set.

You can check out our new API documentation here.

API Documentation

Multiple Annotation Selection Improvements

In this release, we’ve focused on refining the annotation selection process to give users a desktop-class level of efficiency to move, edit, and delete annotations in bulk. It’s now possible to tap annotations to add or remove them from a selection when using the selection tool from the annotation toolbar. Furthermore, we added borders around each annotation while it’s selected to make it easier to tell whether an annotation is part of a selection. You can also now hold Shift on a hardware keyboard to select multiple annotations while tapping on them without activating the selection tool first. With these new features, it’s now easier than ever to manage selected annotations in your documents.

Linking to Regions of Pages

In PSPDFKit 13.4 for iOS, links can point to specific regions of a page rather than solely to a page index. With this enhancement, you can now use more precise and targeted navigation in your documents, taking the user to the exact view ports where they can find certain information. These new links are supported anywhere go-to actions are supported, like link annotations and outline elements.

Other Improvements

In addition to the major updates mentioned above, PSPDFKit 13.4 for iOS includes various enhancements and optimizations, like improvements for Swift concurrency support for some of our types. For a complete list of changes, please refer to the PSPDFKit 13.4 for iOS changelog.

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