Example Projects

PSPDFKit ships with a few projects containing a lot of examples to help you with your code. You can find these projects in the Examples folder of the DMG file you downloaded from your customer portal or in the demo download.

What follows is a rundown of the example projects and what they contain.

PSPDFKit Catalog

The project contains a large set of code examples, which illustrate how to set up and customize PSPDFKit for various use cases. You can run the Catalog app on iOS, iPadOS, and Mac Catalyst.

In this project, you’ll find sample code for:

  • PDFViewController customizations

  • Toolbar customizations

  • Annotation processing with Processor

  • Document editing with PDFDocumentEditor

  • Multimedia annotations like videos and GIFs

  • Forms and digital signatures

  • Security-related topics like encryption and password protection

  • Import/export formats like XFDF and JSON

  • Lots of other use cases

💡 Tip: PSPDFKit Catalog also contains the Kiosk Grid example, which lets you open every document in the Samples folder. This means you just have to put your document into Samples and you can open it in the kiosk example with no customizations needed.

The Catalog example is available as a source-available project on GitHub.


This project shows how to perform a minimal PSPDFKit integration in a basic iOS application. It also contains code for simple use cases of Processor and PDFLibrary. The example is written in Swift, and it’s available on GitHub.

SwiftUI Document Browser

This project shows how to display a document browser in SwiftUI, allowing you to open and create PDF documents. This example project is available on GitHub as a source-available project.