About PSPDFKit for iOS

PSPDFKit is an advanced framework for displaying and annotating PDFs on iOS (We also have a version for Android). It includes tools to display PDFs, edit PDFs, create PDFs, create/edit annotations, fill out forms and create/verify digital signatures.

At a Glance

While the amount of API might look overwhelming at first, you usually only need a subset of these classes but have the power to customize almost anything. We chose to expose a lot of API so that every aspect can be customized, however most settings have good and sensible defaults and you don’t need to know about all classes to start using it.

Here’s the list of classes you will most likely use:

Via the overrideClass:withClass: method you can override almost any class of the controller/view layer (via PSPDFViewController) and the model layer (via PSPDFDocument) with your own subclass. Use this to customize details that are deep within PSPDFKit with minimum effort. You find some examples for this in the PSPDFCatalog example app.


Visit pspdfkit.com/guides for a step-by-step guide to integrate PSPDFKit.


You can find the API documentation for PSPDFKit Instant at pspdfkit.com/api/ios/Instant.html.


PSPDFKit is commercially licensed. Contact us at sales@pspdfkit.com. Copyright © 2010-2020 PSPDFKit GmbH.


Feel free to submit a support ticket if you have any questions or bug reports.