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PDF Comparison SDK

The Comparison component allows users to visually compare documents and is tailor-made for construction plans and other vector-based schematics and maps. It’s perfect for showcasing changes to PDF pages that involve the addition or removal of graphic elements.

Three documents showing comparison

Document version A
Document comparison between version A and B
Document version B

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Industries that require and regularly work with vector-based plans or designs will find the Comparison component particularly useful. It enables two single-page versions of a design to be overlaid, allowing the user to view minute changes or get an overview of the project.


Document combining two plans
Document combining two plans

Combining Two Designs

The overlay feature of the Comparison component enables users to combine two job-specific versions of a plan (e.g. electric and plumbing), which lets project leaders compare the plans in a single document in order to spot potential design conflicts.

Document comparing changes

Comparing Changes

In the construction industry, as well as in other industries working with schematics, project participants often have to deal with design changes made mid-project. These changes are typically difficult to spot in a side-by-side comparison. The Comparison component makes it exceedingly simple to identify them, enabling everyone to quickly get up to speed with the new plan.

Document comparing changes

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CMiC was looking for a way to offer our customers a better way to compare revisions of complex construction drawings. Changing the color of the lines of two different PDFs and overlaying them on top of one another to highlight the differences would make this process much easier for our users working in the field. The process of integrating PSPDFKit's Comparison component into our app was quick and without hassle. So far the feedback from our users has been fantastic!

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Steve Cangiano Steve Cangiano

Steve Cangiano

Product Manager


How It Works

The Comparison component works by coloring two pages and laying them on top of each other to visually highlight the differences. It’s a quick and effective way to compare two versions of a document:

Three documents showing how comparison works
Step one showing document version A
Step two showing document version B
Step three showing a merged document

Step 1

Open the first document and specify a stroke color (e.g. blue).

Step 2

Open the second document and specify a contrasting stroke color (e.g. red).

Step 3

The new, merged document highlights the differences by blending both versions into one.

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Comparison Documentation

Learn about the features of our SDKs in greater detail. Our guides, API reference, and example projects will help you get up and running in no time.

See It in Action

PSPDFKit’s document tabs allow your users to easily switch between the old, new, and merged (comparison) documents.

Main Features

  • Recolor and merge PDF pages with different blend modes using the API.
  • Color strokes in a document while leaving other elements, such as text or images, unchanged.
  • Apply various blend modes to optimize the visibility of differences.
  • Visually overlay two or more documents by merging them into a single document.
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