Safeguard Sensitive Information with Redaction

Redact sensitive, confidential, and privileged information. Comply with GDPR standards and other privacy laws by permanently removing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from PDF documents.



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How It Works

Permanent Data Removal

Redaction in PDFs is a two-step process. First, you mark the content you wish to remove with redaction annotations. Second, you apply the redaction annotations, permanently removing the content from the marked regions.

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Mark Content

Your users can manually select content, or you can build a custom redaction template to mark areas for redaction. Enable built-in or add custom text-matching patterns as search criteria to quickly locate specific data.

Preview Redaction Annotations

Enable your users to preview the redactions on a document or share a document containing redaction annotations with other stakeholders before changes are applied.

Apply Redaction Annotations

Apply redactions programmatically or at the tap of a button to permanently and securely remove data from a document.


Give Your Users More

Complete control over creating and applying redactions through the API

Rapidly process redactions across large batches of PDFs with PSPDFKit Server

Prebuilt UI for selecting, customizing, and applying redactions

Ensured compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, and other privacy laws


From Manual to Automated


Easily build a confirmation UI to enable your users to create and apply redactions via the text and area redaction tools.


Efficiently apply multiple redactions through text, built-in search patterns, or custom REGEX with our search API.


Efficiently apply multiple redactions through the model and annotation APIs.


Batch create and process redaction annotations by building a redaction shape and applying it to large groups of documents.

Redaction Documentation

Learn how to get up and running supporting Redaction in your project.

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