The Redaction component enables secure and irrecoverable removal of sensitive, confidential, or privileged information from PDF documents.

Users can select regions or search for the text they want to remove, send the unapplied changes to other stakeholders for feedback, and apply the changes, thereby permanently removing the redacted information from the document. Our API allows for complete control over redaction as well.

The Redaction component is useful for removing data not authorized for public disclosure — such as personally identifiable information — in response to requests made under e.g. the GDPR, FOIA, or DPA. It aids in e-disclosure, e-discovery, and due diligence processes and when sharing information through data rooms.


How It Works

Redaction in PDF is a two-step process that involves first marking up the content you want to remove with redaction annotations, and then processing the PDF in a way that permanently removes (not masks) the marked-up regions. The Redaction component also enables users to customize and comment on the redaction annotations before they’re applied.

See how it looks on:

Step 1

Select Content to Redact

Select the information to be removed from the document. The user can do this manually, or you can use the API to find all data matching a specific pattern, such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, or email addresses.

Step 2

Adjust the Style

By default, redactions appear as a black box, but they can be fully customized with options for color and replacement text.

Step 3

Comment and Approve

Before changes are applied, the redaction annotations can optionally be commented on and sent to other stakeholders using the Replies component (if licensed).

Step 4

Commit Redaction

By applying the changes, the redacted data will be permanently and securely removed from the document.

Redaction Documentation

Learn about the features of our SDKs in greater detail. Our guides, API reference, and example projects will help you get up and running in no time.

See It in Action


  • Prebuilt UI for selecting, customizing, and applying redactions.
  • Complete control over creating and applying redactions through the API.
  • Customization of the appearance of redactions, including fill color, text color, and overlay text.

Users can

  • ...choose redaction regions through text selection.
  • ...redact areas on a page, including parts of images.
  • ...quickly redact many regions using the dedicated redaction tool.
  • ...toggle between outline and preview modes to easily see what is being redacted.
  • ...edit redaction annotations that are not yet applied.
  • ...clearly see when there are unsaved redactions via the status indicator.
  • ...apply redactions with one tap.

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