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PSPDFKit 12.3 for iOS Adds Improvements to Content Editor

Egor Mikhnevich

We’re excited to announce that PSPDFKit 12.3 for iOS is now available! This release includes the evolution of Content Editor, the modernization of our text and image selection menus, and a host of quality-of-life improvements to annotations, multiline form fields, full-text search queries, and more.

Content Editor Advancements

One of the most notable additions to this release is the logical continuation of Content Editor, which was introduced in PSPDFKit 12.1 for iOS. This component allows users to modify the text of PDF documents. In this version, Content Editor has been enhanced with new tool capabilities, which enables streamlining document manipulation on the go.

Content Editor now detects paragraphs, which makes editing and formatting text within a document a much more pleasant experience. What’s more is users can tap and drag a text box to move it to a new location within a page or use the side handles of the box to resize it, with the height of a text box automatically adjusting to fit its content.

If you’d like to learn more about how to use Content Editor, visit our detailed content editor guide.

Text and Image Selection Menu Modernization

PSPDFKit 12.3 for iOS also modernizes our text and image selection menus. This feature brings together the various menus within your app, making custom menus more straightforward to implement.

We strive to always use the latest Apple APIs, and now all our menus starting with iOS 16 are based on UIEditMenuInteraction. Compared to UIMenuController, this new API gives us a lot of more features and customization options, including proper menu icon support, removal of duplicate Speak and Pause actions, and the ability to show context menus for secondary clicks with a trackpad or mouse.

The following video demonstrates the new menu capabilities for selected text.

Please refer to our migration guide for PSPDFKit 12.3 for iOS to take advantage of the new menu API.

If you want to know more about menu customization, please check out our menu customization guide.


In response to user suggestions, we added a text magnifying glass that appears when creating text markup annotations to help when fingers obscure the text. While this may not be the biggest feature in the release, we believe that all details matter. It also shows how feedback guides our product direction. Thank you for helping us improve our products!

In addition to the magnifying glass, we also made text selection through markup annotations faster, improved text rendering for non-Latin languages, added support for a right-to-left layout in the tab bar, and much more. You can read the full list of changes and improvements to PSPDFKit 12.3 for iOS in our changelog.

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