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PSPDFKit 12.1 for iOS Adds Content Editor

Today we’re thrilled to announce the release of PSPDFKit 12.1 for iOS. In this release, we added the Content Editor component to iOS, which enables editing text on PDF pages. Additionally, we overhauled the sharing user interface (UI), making exporting documents easier than before.

Content Editor

We’re excited to introduce the addition of Content Editor on iOS. Before, PDF content was fixed and couldn’t be changed. You’d have to export a PDF, import it into an external tool to make edits, and then export to PDF again to use it in PSPDFKit. Now, you can make quick text edits to PDFs within your app without the use of third-party tools. This is a huge timesaver.

This new component, which has been available in our Web SDK since version 2022.5, is now available on iOS and Mac Catalyst. It provides a UI that enables users to add, edit, or delete the text content of PDF documents. From the new text editing toolbar, users can set the text color and font. We took care to create a polished user experience — as expected on iOS — by supporting native text input features like copy and paste, showing the menu, keyboard shortcuts, and using gestures to both move the cursor and select text.

The editing mode of Content Editor provides a closed editing environment in which changes are only applied to a document when the user decides to save the changes. If the user wants to discard the changes, they can choose to cancel, which takes them back to the original document.

For more information on Content Editor and how to add it to your app, refer to our text editing guide. Please contact our Sales team if you’re interested in adding Content Editor to your license.

Sharing UI Overhaul

We streamlined the document sharing (exporting) flow, making it easier to choose exactly how you want to share a document. The UI is more modern and features stylistic changes, in turn giving you a better overview of the selected sharing options. We’re pleased to let you know that the configuration and customization options that were possible using our API have remained unchanged, and setting up the new sharing flow works the same way as before, just with an updated visual representation. The new sharing UI was made possible by using SwiftUI under the hood.

To find out more about how to customize the sharing flow, check out our document sharing guide.

More Improvements and Fixes

That’s not all that we changed in this release. We also audited the usage of close buttons across the SDK and changed most buttons to use the system default close button style to fit in better on the platform. We also improved entering an annotation author name by showing the keyboard automatically. Additionally, there have been several fixes related to menu items and text views. And finally, we made improvements to digital signing-related APIs, which now enable creating CMS- and PAdES-compatible digital signatures. For the complete list of changes, check out the PSPDFKit 12.1 for iOS changelog.

Stefan Kieleithner iOS Engineer

Stefan began his journey into iOS development in 2013 and has been passionate about it ever since. In his free time, he enjoys playing board and video games, spending time with his cats, and gardening on his balcony.

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