Highlighted form field widget with customizable options in sidebar

PDF Form Creator for Electron Simplify PDF Form Creation with a Point-and-Click UI

Create PDF forms from scratch with an intuitive UI or via the API. Convert static forms into fillable forms, or modify existing forms by letting your users create, edit, and remove form fields in a PDF.

How It Works

Modern PDF Form Creation and Styling

Enable Form Creator and let users drop in form fields with the help of a preview box and alignment guides. Customize each form field using the properties panel or via the UI.


Easily Create PDF Forms in Your App

Drop form fields such as text and signature boxes directly into your PDF form. Modify the style and behavior of each field to conform to your needs.

Easy-to-Build Custom PDF Forms

Quickly build PDF forms with our API or using the built-in UI. Use the preview box and alignment lines in the UI to accurately place the fields in the document.


Intuitive Form Creation Tools

Provide your users with a variety of tools for adding form fields to a PDF document. They can choose from button, text, radio, checkbox, list box, signature, and combo box fields when creating their forms.


Advanced Form Field Behavior

Customize the logic of each field by modifying the advanced properties in the UI or via the API. You can add custom data, rename and mark the field as required, define if the field is read-only, and allow multi-selection on fields that have multiple response options.


Customizable Form Field Styling

Modify the look of the fields in the property editing view or via the API. Change the field style items such as fill and border color, as well as border style and width, or adjust the font style, colors, size, and alignment.


Embeddable Signature Fields

Easily collect signatures by inserting signature form fields into a document. The signature field allows users to draw, type, or upload their signatures to the form.

Programmatic Features

Do More with the Form Creator API

Importing/Exporting Form Data

Import data into the built forms from a database using HTTP requests, or import form field values as XFDF or Instant JSON using document operations. You can extract the values of all the form fields present in a PDF using JavaScript.

Definable User Logic

Programmatically limit which fields can be filled and which are read-only for individual users in your PDF form with the help of Collaboration Permissions.