Construction plan with distance, circle area, and perimeter measurements

Measurement Tools Accelerate Takeoffs with PDF Measuring Tools

Integrate a measuring tool in your app, allowing users to measure distance, perimeter, and area in a document with support for yard, foot, and inch fractional values. Boost accuracy with scale calibration and content snapping.

How It Works

Measure Technical Drawings

Integrate PDF measurement tools into your toolbar, offering users dimensional tools to measure distance, perimeter, and area, with support for precise fractional values in yards, feet, and inches. Features like a magnifying glass, scale calibration, and the ability to snap to page content ensure your measurements are exceptionally precise.

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Out-of-the-Box Measurement Tools

Deliver new features faster when you integrate a robust set of document measurement tools into your application. Measure distance, area, and perimeter directly in your app — no need to open third-party tools.

Accurate Measurements

Equip users with an on/off auto-align option for shape ends and snapping to swiftly and accurately measure technical drawings, with support for fractional values in yards, feet, and inches. Users can effortlessly adjust the scale to match drawing specifications.

Streamline Review and Approval

Boost user productivity by syncing measurements across all connected devices. Add real-time collaboration to have live discussions directly on project plans and technical drawings.


Intuitive PDF Measuring Tools

Properly measure PDFs using accurate measuring tools that allow users to create, edit, calibrate, and share dimension measurements with ease.


Enable users to take length, width, and height measurements of an object on a page with the distance measurement tool.


Perimeter Measure

Let users calculate the length of all sides of a measured object on a page with the perimeter measurement tool.


Area Measure

Allow users to calculate the area (polygon, circle, or rectangle) of a drawing on a page with the area measurement tool.



Let users set the scale for all future measurements by calibrating the length measurement using the built-in menu.


Set Scale and Value Precision

Individually adjust measurement precision and scale using the annotation inspector or via the API, while enhancing calibration with multiple scales, metric and imperial units, and fractional measurements.



Implement enhanced snapping for perimeters and polylines, encompassing close points, other points, and helper lines, making it easier to measure objects on technical drawings or plans.

Use Cases

Facilitate PDF Measuring

Empower your users in their projects by giving them the tools they need to create, edit, and share measurements.

Quantity Takeoffs

Measurement Tools enables contractors to measure construction plans and technical drawings electronically — an important step for determining the precise amount of materials needed for a project.

Measurement Evaluations

Easily evaluate the work performed on a project by comparing real-life measurements against the measurements in a blueprint.

Planning, Reviewing, and Approvals

During the process of planning a project, there are many parties involved in reviewing plans and verifying measurements. Measurement Tools and our Instant engine make it easy to share measurements and add comments in real time.

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