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Android PDF Editor Library

Save Time, Edit PDFs Directly in your Android App

Take full advantage of our editing features, including page creation, duplication, reordering, rotation, document merging, and deletion.

How It Works

Your Document Whiteboard

Whether it’s extracting parts of a document, merging and splitting documents, or simply adding, deleting, or reshuffling pages, the Document Editor will give your users a bird’s eye view of their work.

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Manual or Automated Document Rearrangement

Document editor features
Rotate and Move

Move and reorder pages, or change the orientation to correct for landscape layouts.

Add and Remove

Insert and delete specific pages, add custom cover sheets, and more.

Merge and Extract

Combine separate PDFs into one unified document or extract page selections into new documents.

Documentation Learn how to easily get Document Editor up and running in your project.
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