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PSPDFKit Processor 2023.11: New Features and Enhancements

Akshat Patel

After a brief hiatus since our last update in January 2023, we’re excited to announce a series of powerful enhancements to PSPDFKit Processor. Our team has been tirelessly working to elevate your document processing experience, and these updates are a testament to our commitment to excellence. Read on to find out more about major updates and new features from this year.

Diverse Document Conversion Capabilities

  • Expanded Conversion Support — We introduced support for a wide array of formats, including GIF, WebP, SVG, TGA, EPS, HEIC, ODT, and RTF documents.

  • PDF/A Conversion — Processor now allows converting documents to PDF/A, validating PDF/A file conformance, and compressing and linearizing PDFs, making it easier to manage long-term digital document preservation.

Enhanced Redaction and Annotation Tools

  • Improved Redaction Features — A series of updates have improved the redaction process — from adding a font size property for redaction annotations, to enhancing the appearance of overlay text in redacted documents.

  • Annotation Enhancements — New annotation flags in Instant JSON — including invisible, readOnly, locked, toggleNoView, and lockedContents — provide greater control over your annotations.

Performance and Rendering Improvements

  • Optimized Memory Usage — We made significant improvements to memory management, especially on pages with extensive vector graphics.

  • Enhanced HTML-to-PDF Rendering — We’ve turbocharged our HTML-to-PDF rendering process, ensuring faster and more efficient conversions.

Continuous Updates and Fixes

In addition to the features outlined above, our team has updated key components like Chromium and GdPicture and fixed various issues ranging from annotation rendering to PDF opening errors. We’ve also patched vulnerabilities and improved security features, ensuring that Processor remains not only powerful but also secure.

For a complete list of changes, see the PSPDFKit Processor 2023.11 changelog and the migration guide.

If you’re interested in PSPDFKit Processor, contact our Sales team. For a complete list of features, visit our Processor product page. We’d love to hear about your use case and discuss how to best implement it.

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