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Newest Release

2020.1.1 - 13 Oct 2020

  • Added
    Adds support for limiting the maximum uploaded file size using the MAX_UPLOAD_SIZE_BYTES environment variable. (#25798)
  • Added
    Adds support for importing a subset of document’s pages with importDocument operation using the importedPageIndexes attribute. (#26002)
  • Added
    Improves libreoffice based document conversion by ensuring that failed conversion operations do not lead to zombie soffice processes. (#25925)
    • Added
      Adds LIBREOFFICE_CONVERSION_TIMEOUT environment variable to configure the timeout of conversion operations.
  • Fixed
    Fixes an issue where a log message was emitted about incompatible file and libmagic versions. (#26284)

Previous Releases

2020.1.0 - 10 Sep 2020

See the announcement post.

  • Changed
    Initial Release