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Introducing PSPDFKit Processor

We’re pleased to announce the immediate availability of PSPDFKit Processor, a server-side, hassle-free component suitable for automation and repetitive operations like document merging, the creation of predefined annotations via Instant JSON, and more!

Powerful Combinations

Powerful document operations combinations

When talking with our customers, we noticed a recurring theme: the need for a simple solution to perform a predefined set of operations on a given document file. Examples of this include removing the first page of a questionnaire or prefilling form fields with some initial data.

No matter the industry, the company size, or the technology stack, people expressed the same desire for an easy-to-use, easy-to-operate product focused entirely on document operations.

Here’s a selection of things you can do with a document using Processor:

  • Add a cover page at the beginning

  • Watermark pages with one or more annotations

  • Remove the last page

  • Rotate all pages by 90 degrees

  • Flatten all document annotations

  • Fill form fields or create annotations via Instant JSON

  • Merge a few documents together

  • Run OCR on a document

Operations can be combined and applied in sequence, leading to powerful combinations tailored to your specific needs.

For some examples, consult our dedicated examples guide.

Automation Made Easy

Automation made easy illustration

We wanted PSPDFKit Processor to be simple to roll out and operate, and this requirement drove the design goals behind the Processor, namely:

  • No database or storage is required

  • A simple model — upload a document with a set of operations and get a modified document back

  • Stateless authentication via JWT

  • Horizontally scalable — adding more nodes linearly increases your processing capacity

Processor works on PDF files, Office documents, and Image Documents.

Try It Out

If you’re interested in trying out PSPDFKit Processor, head to our trial page to access the free trial, and then head to our guides to get started.

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