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PDF Processor A Powerful and Scalable PDF Processor

A powerful solution for batch processing, manipulating, and editing PDF documents. Easy to deploy, easy to use.

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How It Works

Your Plug and Play Document Processor

Built with a single goal in mind: to make it easier for you to integrate PSPDFKit into your document workflows.

A Simple Approach to Document Processing

Send documents and processing instructions via HTTP requests

The server responds with your processed documents


Use Instant JSON to create new annotations like text, images, and outlines. Add a new cover page to a PDF; create new PDFs from selected pages; or move, rotate, and delete pages.



Import annotations or fill in form values easily by applying XFDF files to your PDF documents.


Office Files

Convert Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files to PDFs to get the benefits of Processor’s toolset.



Use Processor to automate OCR workflows and make text in raster and vector PDFs accessible.



Define presets and rules to automate permanent removal of text and image data. Includes rules for common personally identifiable information types.


Image Documents

Annotate and edit image files with the same tools you use for PDFs.

PDF Generation

Seamlessly generate PDF documents from your existing HTML templates.


Headless and Smart

All of PSPDFKit’s document processing prowess, no complicated backend, easy to use, and easy to scale. Cool, right?

Data In,
Data Out

Processor doesn’t store any document data or information internally. You remain in complete control of your documents at all times.

Simple and Clear API

Our simplified API exposes all the document processing operations included in your license — like page rotation, deletion and creation, applying XFDF or Instant JSON, and document flattening. Additionally, you can extract text with our OCR component.

Easy Deployment

Without the need for a backend database or dedicated storage, deployment is a breeze.

Download the Docker image
Run the Docker container

Knowledge Base

Use Case Comparison

Which One Is For You?

PSPDFKit Processor, Libraries for Java and .NET, and Server were created with different use cases in mind. Check out the short comparison below to see which one is for you.

Integrates with your existing backend infrastructure.
Does not store documents or document information.
Ideal for Linux environments.
Is easier to scale horizontally.
Ideal for headless batch processing of documents.
Ships as part of your application.
Headless, API-only operations.
Does not require a backend.
Document processing happens on the client running your app.
Ideal for adding core PSPDFKit functionality to .NET and Java apps.
Integrates with PSPDFKit for Web.
Provides optional document collaboration tools.
Stores documents, document changes, and additional information.
Requires a database and document storage backend.
Ideal for collaboration and manual document manipulation.
Documentation Learn how to get Processor up and running.
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