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Server-Backed PDF Viewer Feature-Rich, Fully Customizable PDF Viewer

Provides outstanding rendering speed along with a meticulously crafted and entirely adaptable user interface.

PDF Engine

High-Fidelity PDF Viewing

Leveraging PSPDFKit, you gain access to a rapid, accurate, and feature-packed rendering engine, empowering hundreds of mobile and web applications.

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The Most Advanced PDF Viewer on the Market

PDF Viewing and Navigation

Show single or double pages in side scrolling or continuous scrolling mode. You can also set whether a PDF page should be fully displayed or fit to width.



The thumbnail view is freely resizable — with the thumbnails adapting in size as needed — and can show either page numbers or page labels.


PSPDFKit features a fast and accurate outline (table of contents) parser that deals with all custom variants and PDF action types. Long outlines are wrapped into multiple lines, and actions can be fully customized or replaced.


PSPDFKit provides a rich bookmark UI that enables your users to add, remove, and sort bookmarks. Bookmarks made in a PDF document show a thumbnail and an excerpt of the bookmarked page for easy reference. The bookmark API also allows you to substitute your own UI or use your own bookmark provider.

Dark Mode

PSPDFKit for Web comes with two themes: a bright one and a dark one. You can easily enable either to help your users work with documents. You can also separately switch the page rendering style with ease — either programmatically or through the built-in settings UI — to fit your app’s requirements.


Fluid, responsive design, including a smart adaptive toolbar. Full touch support for mobile, and broad browser support.

WCAG-Compliant HTML Rendering

PSPDFKit Viewer provides WCAG-compliant HTML rendering of PDFs, reflecting the original tags. This feature boosts web app accessibility, fostering a more inclusive experience for all, particularly users with disabilities.

Zoom Precision

Enables precise, cursor-centered zooming for quick and efficient navigation in detailed documents like construction blueprints.

OCG Layer Control

Activate or deactivate and manage OCG layers in PDFs both programmatically and through a UI sidebar while preserving their nested hierarchies.


Fast and Customizable

Battle Hardened

Your app will benefit from a rock-solid foundation that handles any kind of PDF with grace.

High Fidelity

You don’t have to compromise on speed to get the highest quality rendering output.

Feature-Rich UI

The Viewer UI is constantly optimized to provide the best user experience.

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