Performing OCR on a document

OCR Server Convert Scanned Documents to Searchable Text

Let's be honest: Not all documents are equal. When text is stored only as bitmaps or vector outlines, you can depend on our OCR technology to rectify the situation.

How It Works

Run OCR on Your Documents in Three Easy Steps

OCR features

Import a document you need processed.

Pass the document to OCR, which enhances it to have machine-readable real-text objects.

Select, search, annotate, and extract text from the document.


Working with Documents Just Got Easier

Improved Accessibility

Bridge the divide between screen readers and scanned PDFs by ensuring that all text in your PDF documents is machine-readable. Achieve this by processing them through our optical character recognition (OCR) processor.

Powerful Annotations

Accurately select text and utilize PDF-supported tools for highlighting, underlining, and striking through text. Enhance communication by adding notes and threaded comments to convey important information effectively.


Replace manual data extraction with our OCR processor to automate and expedite your digitization endeavors.

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