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Hyper-Compression SDK Shrink Your PDF Files with Hyper-Compression Technology

Significantly reduce PDF file sizes while preserving exceptional detail and accuracy by harnessing our innovative mixed raster content (MRC) engine.

Use Cases

Key Applications of MRC Hyper-Compression

Revolutionize document management across storage, corporate communication, digital publishing, and mobile usage, optimizing resources and efficiency across various sectors.

Efficient Document Storage

Simplify the storage of extensive document collections in legal, financial, healthcare, and educational sectors. This technology is crucial for digital archiving, guaranteeing compact file sizes while upholding document quality and integrity.

Optimized Digital Publishing and Web Content

Revolutionize digital publishing and web content management with faster-loading and accessible PDFs. Ideal for online media and publishing, this technology reduces file sizes for swift web access while maintaining content quality.

Mobile and Email Efficiency

Perfect for email attachments and mobile document access, particularly in bandwidth-limited environments. Ensures quick transmission of emails and efficient mobile access to detailed PDF documents, optimizing both storage and data usage.


Hyper-Compression Capabilities

MRC compression enhances PDF quality, supports multiple formats, significantly reduces file size, and offers fast, efficient processing for diverse document handling needs.

Quality Enhancement

Automatically adjust the quality of different PDF layers, ensuring high fidelity. This includes superior contrast, color saturation preservation, and efficient reconstruction of low-quality documents, resulting in high-quality, anti-aliased outputs.

Significant Size Reduction

Reduce the size of 300-DPI color documents, often compressing them down to 20–60 kilobytes. This is achieved through automatic detection of input resolution and tailored compression options based on analyzed metrics.

Speed and Efficiency

The engine offers fast processing speeds, making it suitable for applications requiring quick document handling and efficient mobile transfer. This feature is particularly beneficial for environments where quick access to compressed documents is critical.

Versatility and Adaptability

Process more than 100 vector and raster formats. Our engine benefits from adaptive learning algorithms for the input layout and uses advanced techniques for text detection, handling documents with any orientation and at any skew level.

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