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PSPDFKit 8.7 for Android Adds Content Editor

Amit Nayar

We’re thrilled to announce the release of PSPDFKit 8.7 for Android. This release adds our Content Editor component, which enables editing text in PDF documents.

Content Editor

Before introducing Content Editor on Android, working with PDF content was fixed and couldn’t be changed without relying on an external tool. Now it’s possible for PDF documents to be edited on mobile devices without having to switch to desktop or convert PDFs to Word documents — which means far greater flexibility for your users when it comes to getting things done.

This new component — which has been available in our Web SDK since version 2022.5 and in our iOS SDK since version 12.1 — is now available on Android. It enables your users to add, edit, and delete the text content of PDF documents via the UI. The text editing toolbar allows users to modify the text color, font, and formatting. We’ve given great care to ensuring a refined user experience — as has been perfected on the Android platform by Google — by supporting native text input features like copy and paste, the popup menu, using gestures to move the cursor, auto-correct and keyboard suggestions, and undo and redo text editing operations.

The editing mode of Content Editor provides a closed editing environment in which changes are only applied to a document when the user decides to save the changes. If the user wants to revert a change, they can easily navigate backward and forward in the history of their edits with the undo/redo functionality. If the user wants to discard the changes completely, they can choose to cancel, which takes them back to the original document.

For more information on Content Editor and how to add it to your app, refer to our text editing guide. Please contact our Sales team if you’re interested in adding Content Editor to your license.

More Improvements and Fixes

This PSPDFKit for Android release also includes some improvements to the default annotation toolbar grouping, a better comment annotation user experience (UX) for those without annotations in their license, and some PSPDFKit Instant bug fixes. For full details, check out the PSPDFKit 8.7 for Android changelog.

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