Try the Demo

You can try PSPDFKit and see it in action in just a few easy steps. We provide sample projects for you that will showcase the power of the PSPDFKit SDK and its features. If you want to learn how to integrate PSPDFKit into your own project, see our Integrating PSPDFKit guide.

PDF Viewer

If you want to quickly see our SDK in action, without caring about the source code, you can always download our PDF Viewer app from the Play Store. More information about the product can be found here.

Source-Available Example Apps

We provide several open source example applications that showcase how to integrate PSPDFKit for Android and how to make use of its features. To get started quickly, we recommend these examples:

ℹ️ Note: The download and build instructions for the examples can be found directly inside the example repositories.

Next Steps

To learn more about integrating PSPDFKit into your app project, please refer to our Integrating PSPDFKit guide. Here are more resources that might be interesting for you: