Example Projects for Android PDF Library

PSPDFKit ships with a couple example projects to help you get up and running faster. These projects can be found on GitHub in source-available repositories.

PSPDFKit Catalog

The Catalog example project contains more than 100 code examples. In this project, you’ll find sample code for:

  • Toolbar customizations

  • Annotation processing

  • Document editing

  • Forms and digital signatures

  • Security-related topics like encryption and password protection

  • Import/export formats like XFDF and JSON

  • Lots of other use cases

The catalog is also available as a source-available project on GitHub.

Simple Example

The Simple example project shows the minimum code required to start building an app with PSPDFKit. You can copy this project to your working space and use it as a template for your app. It’s available on GitHub.

Compose Example

The Compose example demonstrates multiple features of the PSPDFKit SDK that can be used in Jetpack Compose. It’s available on GitHub.