Customizing Our PDF Viewer on Android

PSPDFKit for Android makes it easy to customize every part of the user interface. Our robust API for configuring behavior and appearance lets you hide or add buttons, change colors to match your look and feel, trigger workflows, and much more.

PSPDFKit SDKs are deployed in some of the world’s most popular applications, such as those made by Autodesk, Disney, DocuSign, Dropbox, IBM, and Lufthansa.

Key Capabilities

  • Custom themes – Adjust colors, font, background color, and more

  • Buttons – Change styling and replace icons

  • Toolbars – Remove, rearrange, and create new tools or toolbars

  • Menus – Disable menu items and add new actions

  • UI elements – Customize scrollbars, dialogs, or the thumbnail bar

  • Localization – Make your app available in other languages

Guides for Customizing the UI

Document View Hierarchy
Learn about the PdfDocument class

Fragment View Hierarchy
Learn about the two kinds of fragments for displaying PDF documents

Activity View Hierarchy
Learn about the most straightforward way for displaying PDF documents

Main Toolbar Menus
How to modify the main toolbar menus by adding or removing actions

Contextual Toolbar Customization
How to style, change groupings, and reposition the contextual toolbars

Document Editing Toolbar
How to use the document operations available in the editor toolbar

Annotation Editing Toolbar
How to customize the annotation editing toolbar

Annotation Creation Toolbar
How to configure the tools in the annotation creation toolbar

Text Selection Toolbar
How to customize the text selection toolbar

Contextual Toolbar Usage within Fragment
How to use contextual toolbars within PdfFragment

Annotation Inspector
How to configure the annotation inspector UI component

Form Inspector
How to configure the form editing inspector UI component

Property Inspector Usage within Fragment
How to use property inspectors within PdfFragment

Modal Dialogs
How to alter the appearance of modal dialogs

Signature Picker
How to configure the signature picker fragment

Appearance Styling
How to customize UI elements with custom theme attributes

Thumbnail Bar
How to set the style of the thumbnail bar

Form Editing Bar
How to integrate the existing form editing UI into custom activities

Note Editor
How to configure the note editor

Overlay Views
How to attach Android views to pages of a document

UI Visibility
How to adjust the visibility of the user interface

How to customize, disable, or replace scrollbars

Building Around Fragment
How to customize the UI beyond what’s possible with the predefined UI

Extending PdfActivity
How to extend PdfActivity to implement custom activities

How to localize your app for a variety of languages

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