Enabling the Form Inspector on Android

The form editing inspector is a UI component that allows users to edit the value of selected ComboBoxFormElements and ListBoxFormElements. It’s shown as a bottom sheet as soon as users select a relevant form element from the document, and it provides a list of valid form field values to choose from.

Form Editing Inspector showing the available options for a combo box form element

PdfActivity includes the form editing UI out of the box. To observe the form editing UI in action, open a PDF document containing either a ComboBoxFormElement or a ListBoxFormElement and tap on it to open the UI with a sliding effect from the bottom.

If you want to integrate the form editing inspector into your custom activity, follow the guide on using property inspectors within a fragment.

The manual integration of the form inspector is suggested when you need to customize its appearance (e.g. the elevation of the bottom sheet) or when you need total control of its lifecycle.

ℹ️ Note: For a complete example of how to integrate the form editing inspector and form editing bar, take a look at FormEditingInFragmentExample in our Catalog app.