PDF Form Library for Android

PSPDFKit for Android is a library for filling, reading, creating, and editing PDF AcroForms. It offers developers an API for programmatic access to PDF form objects, as well as a beautiful UI for form filling.

Key Capabilities

Fill Forms

With the UI or programmatically

Capture Form Data

Export, submit, or embed into a PDF


APIs to generate forms and fields from scratch


Style colors, backgrounds, borders, and widths


Execute JavaScript to validate form data

Form Events

Trigger workflows or automation


Add signing, annotations, editing, and more

What Are Forms?

The concept of forms in PDFs is similar to that of a form in the physical world. Forms allow a user to enter unique information into a preformatted page. As it’s an electronic format, PDF offers certain advantages to users — for example, the ability to edit entered information at a later date.

Essential Guides

Fill Forms

Form Data — Read, Extract, Submit, or Save

Create, Edit, or Remove Forms

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