Detecting User Input in PDF Form Fields on Android

In PSPDFKit for Android, form events are accessible through the FormManager interface, which is implemented by the PdfFragment. There, you can find the following listeners for subscription:

Listener Description
OnFormElementClickedListener Listener for form element click events.
OnFormElementDeselectedListener Listener for form element deselection.
OnFormElementEditingModeChangeListener Listener for form element editing mode enter/exit.
OnFormElementSelectedListener Listener for form element selection.
OnFormElementUpdatedListener Listener for form element updated events.
OnFormElementViewUpdatedListener Listener for form element view updates — validation, contents of the view changed, etc.

For examples on how to use these events, please see our forms events and notifications guide. For general information on how PSPDFKit for Android implements forms, please see our introduction to forms guide.