Jetpack Compose Toolbar

Since PSPDFKit for Android 2024.2, our SDK provides a Toolbar that’s made entirely with Jetpack Compose. This toolbar is fully customizable and can be used with DocumentView. It’s an alternative version of our default toolbar that’s specifically designed to be used more flexibly with Jetpack Compose.

Just like top app bars, our MainToolbar has modifier, title, navigationIcon, and actions as parameters, as well as the documentState:

fun MainToolbar(
    modifier: Modifier = Modifier,
    documentState: DocumentState,
    title: @Composable ((String) -> Unit)? = null,
    navigationIcon: @Composable (tintColor: Color) -> Unit = {},
    actions: @Composable RowScope.(tintColor: Color) -> Unit = {}


MainToolbar can be used in the following way:

MainToolbar(documentState = documentState)

Make sure to disable the default toolbar by adding disableDefaultToolbar to the existing PdfActivityConfiguration as follows:

val pdfActivityConfiguration = PdfActivityConfiguration

val documentState = rememberDocumentState(pdf.toUri(), pdfActivityConfiguration)

MainToolbar is an independent composable, and to achieve immersive mode, its visibility needs to be handled explicitly. You can access the onImmersiveModeEnabled state from uiListener in DocumentManager and use it to manipulate the visibility of MainToolbar:

var toolbarVisibility by remember { mutableStateOf(true) }
// Used inside `DocumentManager` in `DocumentView`.
uiListener = DefaultListeners.uiListeners(onImmersiveModeEnabled = { enabled ->
             toolbarVisibility = enabled
AnimatedVisibility(toolbarVisibility) {
             MainToolbar(documentState = documentState)

Exploring Further

We have a dedicated GitHub public repository demonstrating everything related to DocumentView and the MainToolbar.