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PSPDFKit 11.1 for iOS Enhances Document Comparison

Today we’re thrilled to introduce PSPDFKit 11.1 for iOS! This release enhances our Document Comparison workflow with the new manual alignment feature and improves support for apps built with Mac Catalyst on macOS 12 Monterey.

Manual Document Alignment

With PSPDFKit 11.1 for iOS, we’re building on top of our existing Document Comparison component by adding a brand-new feature to the workflow: the ability to manually correct the alignment of documents that aren’t perfectly lined up.

This new functionality is especially useful for industries that regularly work with vector-based plans or designs. With multiple users working on the same schematics, not only can they add, move, or delete elements, but they can also change the file dimensions, crop the page differently, or even rotate it completely.

With our new easy-to-use and accessible UI, architects and construction workers can adjust misaligned floorplan schematics to spot design changes earlier and more reliably. Pick two sets of three equivalent landmark points, and a properly aligned comparison document will automatically be generated!

To read more about the new Document Comparison APIs and understand how to integrate the new document alignment feature in your iOS project, check out our updated guide.

Document Comparison is a component that can be added to your license. Please reach out to us if you’re interested in adding this to your license, if you want to learn more about the roadmap for Document Comparison, or if you want to provide feedback and feature requests related to your use case.

Ready for macOS 12 Monterey

We’ve continued working to improve our Mac Catalyst experience. PSPDFKit 11.1 for iOS supports building apps with Mac Catalyst on macOS 12 Monterey and makes sure that the resulting experience is smoother than before. For this reason, this release raises the required Xcode version to 13.1.

More Details

As with any other release, we also included a number of smaller enhancements and fixes. For starters, we added the ability to search the content of form fields, making it easier to find the information you’re looking for in even more places. On the UI side, we improved the experience of creating text markup annotations in apps built with Mac Catalyst.

PSPDFKit 11.1 for iOS also includes many under-the-hood improvements, which reduce memory consumption in certain scenarios and improve integration with the system APIs.

This version of PSPDFKit doesn’t include any breaking changes, so it should be a smooth upgrade for teams currently using PSPDFKit 11 for iOS. To see a complete list of changes, check out the PSPDFKit 11.1 for iOS changelog.

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