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Redaction Support Now Available in PSPDFKit Processor

Reinhard Hafenscher

We recently released PSPDFKit Processor 2020.1, and we’re now pleased to announce that 2020.2 is out. The main feature we’re adding with this release is full support for Redaction.

Redaction in the Processor

To support redaction, we’re adding two new document operations to our list of supported operations:

  • createRedactions, which gives you the power to programmatically create redaction annotations in your document.

  • applyRedactions, which applies the redactions to the document, permanently removing the covered data.

Automatic Redaction

The best way to create redactions using the Processor is with the createRedactions operation, which offers three ways to automatically create redaction annotations in your document:

  • The preset strategy allows you to mark for redaction certain predefined kinds of information — for example, URLs, dates, and times. For a full list of presets, refer to our guides.

  • The regex strategy allows you to mark for redaction everything matching the regular expression you provide.

  • The text strategy allows you to mark for redaction any text in the document that matches your provided search string.

After the redactions are created, you can use applyRedactions to bake them into the document, and of course you can use both the createRedactions and applyRedactions commands in a single list of operations to automatically redact a document in one request.

For a full example of how to create redaction annotations and then apply them, have a look at our examples.

Try It Out

If you’re interested in trying out PSPDFKit Processor, head to our trial page to access the free trial, and then head to our guides to get started.

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