visionOS Guides: Integrate Our PDF Library

Welcome to the PSPDFKit for visionOS developer guides.

The frameworks we provide contain iOS, Mac Catalyst, iPadOS, and visionOS support bundled in XCFrameworks, which means we ship support for each of these platforms combined. Use our iOS documentation and API reference when you’re implementing a visionOS application with PSPDFKit.

If you’re brand new to PSPDFKit, have a look at our get started guides to quickly add PDF viewing, annotating, and editing to your application.


PDF Viewer
How to configure the document viewer

Open a Document
How to open a PDF from local storage, URL, in-memory data, and more

Save a Document
How to save a PDF to local storage, remote server, and more

User Interface
How to customize icons, buttons, toolbars, the look and feel, and more

How to import, export, create, edit, sync, flatten, and more

How to fill form fields, extract data, submit, save, create, edit, and more

Instant Synchronization
How to sync annotations across multiple users, devices, or sessions

How to add electronic and digital signatures to PDF documents

How to merge or split documents, manipulate pages, and more

PDF Generation
How to generate PDFs from a template, HTML, images, and more

How to convert MS Office to PDF, image to PDF, PDF to image, and more

How to read text in a PDF, parse content, extract text or pages, and more

How to redact content programmatically or by using the UI

How to make scans searchable, extract text from images, and more

Document Security
How to set permissions, add a password, encrypt or decrypt, and more

How to search for text in documents, pages, annotations, and more

Compare Documents
How to visually compare pages of different documents

How to measure area, distance, and perimeter in PDF documents

How to create, edit, and remove bookmarks

Events and Notifications
How to listen for annotation, form, text select, and bookmark events

Instant JSON
Learn how to store annotation data in JSON format