PDF Annotation Library for iOS

PSPDFKit for iOS is a library for creating, removing, or editing PDF annotations. It offers developers a robust API for programmatic annotation management, as well as a beautiful UI for working with 17 PDF annotation types.

PSPDFKit SDKs are deployed in some of the world’s most popular applications, such as those made by Autodesk, Disney, DocuSign, Dropbox, IBM, and Lufthansa.

Key Capabilities

  • 17 annotation types - Highlight, text, ink, note, shapes, and more

  • Create, edit, remove - Programmatically or by using the UI

  • Import & export - Manage annotations in XFDF or JSON files

  • Annotation events - Trigger workflows or automations

  • Cloudy annotations - Cloudy border effect

  • Synchronize - To a server, multiple users, devices, or sessions

  • Customizable UI - Hide buttons or create custom inspectors

  • Extendable - Add signing, editing, forms, and more

Guides for Annotation

What Are Annotations?
Learn about the basics of PDF annotations

Supported Annotation Types
Learn about the types of annotations supported by PSPDFKit

Annotation Data Formats
Learn about using external files to manage annotations

Synchronization Overview
Learn about the different approaches to annotation sync’ing

Storing Annotation Data
Learn best practices for storing annotation data

Concurrent User Conflict Resolution
Learn best practices for conflict resolution with concurrent users

Saving Annotations Overview
Learn the ways PSPDFKit allows making changes to documents

Embed Annotations Into the PDF
How to embed annotations into the PDF document

Save Annotations to External Storage
How to save annotations to external storage

Auto Save Annotations
How to configure the way changes are automatically saved

Import and Export To/From PSPDFKIt Server
How to import/export annotations to/from the optional PSPDFKit Server

Import and Export To/From Instant JSON
How to import/export annotations to/from Instant JSON

Import and Export To/From XFDF
How to import/export annotations to/from XFDF

Import and Export To/From a Database
How to import/export annotations to/from a database

Annotation Object Model
How to use the Annotation and FormElement classes

Programmatic Creation, Editing, or Removal
How to programmatically create, edit, or remove annotations

Detect Changes to Annotations
How to detect annotation changes that originate from the UI

Annotation State Manager
How to programmatically set the states used for annotation creation

Attach a File
How to programmatically create a file annotation with an embedded file

Image Picker
How to configure the image picker for adding an image annotation

Disable Annotation Editing
How to disable the modification of individual annotations or types

Annotation Flags
How to configure annotation behaviour and capabilities

Create Annotations Via Drag and Drop
Learn about dragging & dropping elements onto a page

Undo and Redo
Learn about the undo and redo functionality for annotations

Annotation Author Name
How to configure the author name for annotations

Annotation Blend Modes
How to set blend modes for annotations

Annotation Z-Index
How to change the z-index of an annotation

Customize Appearance Streams
How to render existing appearance streams

Hiding Annotations
How to hide individual annotations or annotation types

Customize Default Properties
How to configure the default value for annotation properties

Customize Annotation Color Presets
How to customize the default color presets in the style inspector

Customize the Note Icon
How to customize or hide the note icon

Fixed Annotation Size
How to create an annotation that has a fixed size and doesn’t scale

Store Custom Data in an Annotation
How to store and process custom data inside an annotation

Annotation Replies & Reviews
Learn about annotation replies and reviews

Stamp a Document With Built-in Stamps
How to stamp a document programmatically or with the UI

Stamp Configuration
How to create a custom stamp

Flatten Annotations
How to flatten annotations and burn them into the PDF

Video Annotations
How to embed video into a PDF

Multimedia Annotations
How to display multimedia/gallery annotations

Annotate on an Image
How to annotate a PNG, JPG, or TIFF

Image Document Specification
Learn how PNGs, JPGs, and TIFFs are annotated by PSPDFKit

PDF Actions Support
Learn about the PDF actions supported by PSPDFKit

Link Annotations
How to create, detect, and customize link annotations

Freeform Annotation Rotation
Learn about annotation rotation and how to configure this

Apple Pencil Customization
How to customize how Apple Pencil interacts with PSPDFKit

Double Tap
Learn about built-in support for Apple Pencil double-taps

Magic Ink
How to add and configure the Magic Ink tool

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