PDF Editor Library for iOS

PSPDFKit provides a wide range of APIs for document editing operations. These are mostly available through the Processor and PDFDocumentEditor classes:

  • Processor performs operations with an input and an output, where the output is typically a PDF document. Many processing operations involve editing an input document — for example, deleting pages. This is the most flexible API and is typically the best choice.

  • PDFDocumentEditor tracks the state that would be required to build a document editing user interface. This is useful because it’d be very inefficient to run Processor to generate a complete document every time a user drags a page to change the page order, because the user might make additional edits. The Document Editor supports undo and redo. We use this class to power our document editing UI, but it may also be used programmatically. See our Document Editor API usage guide to learn more.

All operations with PDFDocumentEditor and editing operations with Processor (such as adding and moving pages) are only available if you have the Document Editor component enabled for your license. Review our API reference for details.

The available editing operations include:

In addition to the editing operations listed above, Processor may also be used to flatten annotations, flatten forms, convert HTML to PDF, convert Microsoft Office files to PDF, and create password-protected documents.