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PDF Viewer 3.0 - PDF Viewer Pro

Illustration: PDF Viewer 3.0 - PDF Viewer Pro

Today we’re proudly announcing the launch of PDF Viewer 3.0 for iOS and Android, together with the introduction of PDF Viewer Pro, our feature pack for the professional user. Through document merging, replies and reviews, image editing, and much more, we’re supercharging your professional mobile PDF workflows.

Empowering Professionals

With PDF Viewer for iOS and Android, we brought the power of our PSPDFKit framework to mobile end users all over the world.

Our goal was to raise both the quality of available PDF viewers and editors and the awareness of good PDF software.

Since the initial launch of our iOS and Android PDF Viewer apps in 2016, we’ve received so many heartening messages and so much praise and love over and over again from all our users. This encouraged us to keep improving PDF Viewer! ❤️

We also received a lot of feedback from students, professionals, and tech enthusiasts who longed for more. We’ve spent the last couple of months building new powerful features for an emerging group of mobile professionals and are happy to finally release PDF Viewer 3.0 for iOS and Android, with its extensive set of features targeted at the professional user.

The free version of PDF Viewer is a full-blown PDF editor for both beginners and expert users. Meanwhile, Pro adds several new features people have been asking for, though rest assured we aren’t taking away any part of the amazing feature set that the free version of PDF Viewer has.

Let’s have a look at what’s new with PDF Viewer!

Document Merging iOS and Android

Document merging takes organization and publishing workflows to a completely new level. Simply select two or more PDF files that you want to append, and PDF Viewer Pro will combine these files into a single new PDF in no time.

To get you started, we’ve prepared guides for PDF Viewer for iOS and PDF Viewer for Android. Check them out, and feel free to leave us some feedback.

Replies and Reviews iOS and Android

Peer reviews are an essential workflow of many professional teams — two heads are better than one! The same holds true when working with PDF documents.

With PDF Viewer 3.0 Pro, we’re giving you the tools to add replies to annotations and write reviews directly inside a PDF. This feature works with both iOS and Android and is fully compatible with the PDF format and Adobe Acrobat.

iOS Expanded Review Summary
Android Expanded Review Summary

Document Info iOS and Android

The new Document Info View is your go-to place for viewing and editing all important document metadata. Here you’ll be able to find and change metadata such as the document title, subject, and keywords, in addition to view information about the document creation, its size, and other characteristics. On iOS, the Document Info View also allows you to securely encrypt your document with a password and set and change the document permission flags (a feature that will come to Android soon).

Document Info

Advanced Settings iOS and Android

With PDF Viewer Pro, you get access to a variety of additional advanced options in the application settings. These allow you to customize some finer aspects of the user interface, such as auto-hide behavior, page fitting, and note annotation display. You can also unlock some custom behaviors and user interface elements, such as a custom thumbnail bar on iOS.

Non-Destructive Image Editing iOS and Android

With PDF Viewer 3.0, both iOS and Android have full support for image documents (a feature we introduced in v2.2 on iOS). This enables you to edit PNG and JPG documents as if they were PDFs; they can be annotated without converting them to PDF.

With PDF Viewer Pro, image support on both iOS and Android is brought to a whole new level. The editing data is stored directly inside the image file, making image documents first-class citizens for annotating, sharing, and collaborating, just like PDF documents are. And the best part: Image documents are fully compatible with all third-party image viewers, which will simply display them like any other image file.

Presenter Mode iOS

PDF Viewer can be a great tool for your presentations, allowing you to show off your PDF slides on a connected external display, projector, or AppleTV, directly from your mobile device. With PDF Viewer Pro, this experience is enhanced with a customized, clutter-free, presenter UI that mirrors your content in the native resolution of your connected external screen.

Presenter Mode

Pro Themes Android

We launched our Dark Theme some time ago, and it was very well received. Many users asked for more colors and options to choose from, which would allow them to customize the app even more. With PDF Viewer 3.0 for Android, we’re introducing 10 new additional Pro themes, for a total of 12 beautiful handcrafted themes. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Pro Themes

More Improvements

But that’s not all! Here are some more Pro features we’re introducing with PDF Viewer 3.0:

  • Copying and pasting of entire pages between documents. iOS

  • 360-degree freeform rotation for stamp annotations and free text annotations. Android

  • And more…

We’re working on bringing all features to both platforms, so make sure to keep your PDF Viewer updated. We really hope you enjoy this update! Please let us know your thoughts and wishes for features in future versions. Thanks!

Can’t wait to try it? Head over to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and download PDF Viewer for free — or supercharge your experience by signing up for PDF Viewer Pro!

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