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PSPDFKit for Web 2018.4

Right on time for the summer, we have something exciting to share with you: PSPDFKit for Web 2018.4! This release features the addition of shape annotations, bringing us one step closer to supporting all annotation types. We also added blend mode options for markup and ink annotations, something we first introduced in PSPDFKit 7.6 for iOS. Please refer to our Server and Web changelogs for a complete list of features and bug fixes.

To update your application, make sure to check out our 2018.4 Migration Guide.

Shape Annotations

With our new shape annotations, you can now draw lines, rectangles, polygons, circles, and polylines. Just like in our Android and iOS SDKs, you can change the dash types and even the start and ending of a line annotation in order to draw arrows.

Synchronizing shape annotations with our iOS and Android SDKs will work out of the box, since they are already fully supported by Instant.

Blend Modes

Blend modes define how layers are blended into each other. One example is that of highlight annotations, where we blend a highlight with the underlying text. From now on, you can choose from a variety of blend modes for markup annotations and ink annotations. Blend modes only work in supported browsers.


With the addition of more and more possibilities for changing the style of annotations, we adapted our annotation toolbar to let you choose separately between a foreground and background color instead of using predefined color sets.

Update on WebAssembly

As you might already know, we are big supporters of WebAssembly and have been using it for PSPDFKit for Web Standalone since 2017. To help push the ecosystem forward, we’re working with multiple browser vendors and recently built a real-world WebAssembly Benchmark with surprising results.

Along with all the new features, this release also includes a number of bug fixes and minor improvements. For a complete list of changes, see the PSPDFKit for Web 2018.4 and PSPDFKit Server 2018.4 changelogs.

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