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Mac Catalyst Digital Signatures Library Secure Digital Signatures in Mac Catalyst

Certified, encrypted, and secure document signing workflows.


Don’t Worry, We’ll Double-Check


Digital Signatures can be used to verify a document’s origin and to make sure it hasn’t been tampered with after signing.



As a developer, you can add additional metadata — like a timestamp or an IP address — to a digital signature for even better security.


Certificate-Based, Encrypted, and Secure

Proof of Authenticity

A digital signature on a PDF document is reliable proof of the document’s origin.

Protection against Modification

An encrypted hash is used to verify that the document hasn’t been tampered with.

Biometric Signatures

Our digital signatures are created with additional biometric properties for added safety.

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Which One Is for You?

PSPDFKit supports both hand-drawn signatures and encrypted, digital certificate-based signatures.

Documentation Learn how to easily get Digital Signatures up and running in your project.
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