Invoice document in text editing mode with an invoice number selected and Content Editor toolbar on top of it.

Content Editor Easily Edit PDFs Like Word Docs

Give users the freedom to edit original PDF text directly in your app or their workflows with a built-in content editing UI. Simply select text to edit, delete, and resize it, or change fonts and colors.

How It Works

Edit Text in PDFs

With Content Editor, you can edit different lines of text within a PDF document. Simply enter Edit mode, select the highlighted box to edit, modify the text, and save your changes.

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Save Time

Let your users modify text in PDFs within your app — no third-party tools needed to edit text.

Simplify Document Workflows

Make quick text edits in your document workflows — skip regenerating PDFs from scratch.

Edit PDFs Like Word Docs

Work with PDFs as you would Word documents. Add, replace, and delete inline text while preserving the original formatting.

Protected Editing

Easily apply or discard text edits made to a document at the push of a button.


Built-In Content Editing UI

Enable Content Editor in your app and take advantage of the toolset provided by the prebuilt UI.

Text Editor

The editor allows adjusting the original text layer of any text-based PDF document, not just annotating it.

Text Boxes

Highlighted boxes make it easy to visually identify editable text within a PDF document.

Text Tools

Dropdown menus in the toolbar allow users to select from different font styles, colors, and sizes.

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